Service Models

Working with Bridge HR you will benefit from a Chartered MCIPD level service.  Our range of services models are designed to be flexible and affordable.


Organisations have different needs depending on the skills and expertise available in-house.  We are able to design a supporting service around your business needs.  Just give us a call to discuss how we might help you. Some of our service options are detailed below:

optionsOption 1 - Service Contract

Based on a “pay as you go” scheme. This tends to suit one off projects. Detailed invoice provided on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.


optionsOption 2 - Retained Service Contract

Based upon an agreed level of service, normally a fixed minimum of 4 hours per month. This will be tailored to your needs.


optionsOption 3 - On Site HR Management Support

This involves outsourcing your HR service. The Consultant acts as your HR Manager. The consultant works to an agreed work plan & timetable  developed in  accordance with your business requirements.    

Additionally the retained Client secures guarantees on consultation and response timescales, regular updates on emerging HR & Employment law issues; and for Not for  Profits, occasional pro bono training information sessions for staff/managers

peninhandFee base

Professional fees: £36 per hour or a daily consultancy fee of £300, where assignment based on site. Expenses may be additional, depending on the assignment, and will be included in final quotations.